VitaminQ - Aluminum Foil Paper-in-Oil Capacitors

Jupiter Vitamin-Q Aluminum Foil Paper in Oil Capacitors

Authentically built to the original construction, housed in a solder-sealed true hermetic case.  

Jupiter Vitamin-Q creates the ultimate lush tone with mysteriously warm juicy midrange and excellent musical flow, with a slightly softer top and bottom end than the Comet Type.

Vitamin-Q: Paper-in-Vitamin-Q Oil

These capacitors utilize the same polymerized impregnation fluid developed by Sprague in the 1940s.

Hermetically Sealed and processed under a deep vacuum for several days.

Hermetic sealing keeps oil from leaking out and protects from ingress of moisture to ensure a long life.

Glass to metal end seals are soldered into tin-plated brass tubes to form leak-tight joints.

Jupiter Aluminum Foil Vitamin-Q capacitors are the only faithful reproduction of the originals.

Perfect for new builds or restoring classics like Marantz 7, 7C, 8B and McIntosh.


Tolerance: +/- 10%

Operating Temperature: 85°C

Voltage: 600VDC 

Pure Aluminum Foil

Dielectric: Paper-in-Oil

Oil Type: Vitamin-Q

Leads: Tinned OFC Copper

Made in the USA of materials made in the USA. 

RoHS compliant

Vitamin-Q - Aluminum Foil Paper in Oil 600V Capacitors - Download Datasheet PDF

Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Price
.01uf 600V .375  x  .813 $23.99
.015uf 600V .375  x  .813 $23.99
.022uf 600V .375  x  .813 $23.99
600V .375  x  .813 $24.99
.047uf 600V .500  x  .875 $25.99
.1uf 600V .500   x  1.438 $43.99
.15uf 600V .670  x  1.688 $46.99
.22uf 600V .670  x  1.688 $48.99
.33uf 600V .750  x  1.875 $51.99
.47uf 600V .750  x  2.125 $55.99
1uf 400V .75  x  2.375 $59.99
1.5uf 200V
2.0uf 200V --coming--
2.2uf 200V --coming--