Bumblebee Capacitors Aluminum Foil Paper-in-Oil 400V

Our Bumblebee Paper in Oil Aluminum Foil 400VDC Capacitors speak for themselves. As one of the earliest construction types, featuring a pure paper/oil construction complete with a true hermetic seal. The tone you crave and love, in the most accurate reproduction.

Made in the USA of US-made materials.

 Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Pricing
0.01uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $19.99
0.015uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $19.99
0.022uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $19.99
0.033uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $19.99
0.047uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $19.99