Bumblebee Capacitors Aluminum Foil Paper-in-Oil 400V

Our Bumblebee Paper in Oil Aluminum (PIO) Foil 400VDC Capacitors speak for themselves. As one of the earliest construction types, featuring a pure paper/oil construction complete with a true hermetic seal. The tone you crave and love, is the most accurate reproduction. Perfect for use and upgrades in Gibson guitars.

Max at Tom Doyle Guitars

Greetings from Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers, and Tom Doyle TIME MACHINE Les Paul Relics. As you probably know, we have worked directly for and with the “Great One” himself… “The man who changed the music”, Mr. Les Paul for over 45 years. We continue to pay homage, and work in his honor & memory to this day… carrying forward his enormous legacy in everything we do.  Our Humbucker pickups, ’59 Holy Grail Harness, and our TIME MACHINE Les Paul relics have become legendary over the years, and we are very proud of what we offer to guitar players and Les Paul fans all over the world.

Quality, fine workmanship, high standards, and excellence is the only way we know how to do business, and how we make our products. In a world of cutting corners, and mediocrity… we are very proud to say that we are “old-school” and nothing but the best will do. After all, we work in the shadow and memory of our great friend and mentor… Mr. Les Paul.

With all that being said, we wanted to take a moment and commend you for making a really great product yourself. Your Jupiter Condensers Bumblebee Paper-in-Oil Capacitors are just tops! We are quite impressed with the quality, consistency, and tone that these capacitors deliver. Our guitars, pickups, and harnesses count on very high quality vintage spec PIO capacitors to make everything sound as they should… and your Jupiter caps really deliver. We are very happy to use and feature your Bumblebee .022 PIO Caps in our offerings. The end result of any good finished products are its initial ingredients and components… and we have come to count on Jupiter Capacitors to help us make real the dream of the best sounding Les Paul guitars in the world.  It’s what Les Paul wanted, and what he dedicated his life to… and in some small way, you folks are part of that. So thank you!

Best Regards,

 Max Stavron
 Business Relations Manager at tomdoyleguitars.com

Video: SD Pickups on Jupiter Bumblebees

Video: Jack Fosset Comapres Bumblebees to VitaminQ


Tolerance:  +/- 10%

Operating Temperature:  85°C

Voltage:  400VDC 

Pure Aluminum Foil

Dielectric: Paper-in-Oil

Oil Type: Mineral Oil

Leads:  Tinned Oxygen Free Copper

Outside Foil End = Tube Seal End (metal tube)

Made in the USA of materials made in the USA. 

RoHS compliant

Dave Stephens of Stephens Design Pickups wrote:

"So, I first tried out the .022uf Jupiter Bumblebee and replaced the current 600volt vintage NOS Sprague Bumblebee that was currently in it. 

I was rather shocked to hear no difference between the vintage and yours. I’ve only been playing it for two days now and waiting to see if it changes any, as new caps usually will do. Am really impressed with it so far. Just an hour ago I replaced the Russian K40Y-9 .015uf with yours and expected to hear a muddy cap because that little Russian PIO has been a mainstay cap for at least ten years now. Yours is as clear and great, even better than the Russian. I am very hard to impress too. A total purist."


 Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Pricing
0.01uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.015uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.022uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.033uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.047uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99