Cosmos Wet Electrolytic Capacitors

Find Your Tone in the Cosmos.

The Cosmos Wet Electrolytic Capacitors present a new axial range from Jupiter Condenser.

Inspired from and designs based on early American Wet Electrolytic capacitors used in audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, and pro audio applications.

Available ranging from 10uF to 250uF and voltages from 25V to 500V


"In tube gain stages, I rarely if ever use electrolytic bypass capacitors as I feel they typically ruin the sound. I had a design I was working on that pretty much necessitating I use them though - I did a shootout of all of the major audio electrolytic brands that met the spec I needed, including your cosmos 250uF 25V. As I expected, your capacitor was far and beyond the best and it wasn't even close."

Keenan McKnight


Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Price
25uf 25VDC .25  x  .52 $3.99
100uf 25VDC .32  x  .81 $4.69
250uf 25VDC .38  x  .95 $4.99



Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Price
25uf 50VDC .32  x  .69
33uf 50VDC .32  x  .69 $4.69
50uf 50VDC .32  x  .81 $4.69
100uf 50VDC .38  x  .95 $4.99



Value Voltage Size - D" x L"  Retail Price
10uf 100VDC .25  x  .69 $3.49
47uf 100VDC .38  x  .95 $5.49


Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Price
100uf 350V 1  x  1.63 $12.99


Value Voltage  Size - D" x L" Retail Price
10uf 500VDC .50  x  .95 $7.99
22uf 500VDC .63  x  1.50 $9.99
47uf  500VDC .88  x  1.63 $16.99
100uf 500VDC 1.00  x  2.13 $21.99