Bumblebee Capacitors Aluminum Foil Paper-in-Oil 400V

Our Bumblebee Paper in Oil Aluminum (PIO) Foil 400VDC Capacitors speak for themselves. As one of the earliest construction types, featuring a pure paper/oil construction complete with a true hermetic seal. The tone you crave and love, is the most accurate reproduction. Perfect for use and upgrades in Gibson guitars.

Made in the USA of US-made materials.

Dave Stephens of Stephens Design Pickups wrote:

"So, I first tried out the .022uf Jupiter Bumblebee and replaced the current 600volt vintage NOS Sprague Bumblebee that was currently in it. 

I was rather shocked to hear no difference between the vintage and yours. I’ve only been playing it for two days now and waiting to see if it changes any, as new caps usually will do. Am really impressed with it so far. Just an hour ago I replaced the Russian K40Y-9 .015uf with yours and expected to hear a muddy cap because that little Russian PIO has been a mainstay cap for at least ten years now. Yours is as clear and great, even better than the Russian. I am very hard to impress too. A total purist."

 Value Voltage Size - D" x L" Retail Pricing
0.01uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.015uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.022uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.033uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99
0.047uf 400V .44 x 1.38 $29.99