Speaker Cable - Twisted Pair Tinned Copper in Lacquered Cotton Insulation

Jupiter's Twisted Pair Tinned Copper Speaker Cable in Lacquered Cotton Insulation

Stranded Tinned Copper Wire

Lacquered Cotton Insulation

Made in the USA of US-made materials.


16AWG or 12AWG

Red & Black

Price Per Foot


Yazaki-san of Japan and the SPEC Corporation

"Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to the Jupiter 16GA tinned plated wire in lacquered cotton. In my last email, I talked about the following. 

" I realized and believed that if we want to look for true analog technology, we should listen deeply to the wisdom 

of past ancestors found in vintage equipment and the parts forgotten in the flow of time. "

But this Jupiter 16GA is an excellent sample, which humbly learned the wisdom of its predecessors and discovered new possibilities and fascination for audio. 

Jupiter 16GA wire I received has a beautiful tin plating because Cristopher-san was truly particular about the purity of tin itself. Using this wire as a speaker cable, it sounds lively and is preferable for me. 

I highly recommend this new Jupiter-made-in-the-USA speaker cable to you.

I just talked about the sound of your Jupiter 16GA with my best friend, Nishikawa-san. The sound differences between the new Jupiter 16GA and WE16GA original would be the freshness and the clearness without any cloudiness upon installation into the system. 

On the contrary, the burn-in time of the WE16GA original would be a month to several months. Yes, we could enjoy the sound or the music with your 16GA from the beginning. 

I believe it's a very positive merit of your cable, especially in hearing the comparison of these cables."

AWG Color Retail Price
Red & Black
Red & Black