Red “Astron” Style Capacitors


Tinfoil and Mylar- 1950’s Construction, Warmer Tone
Modeled after the legendary Red Astron Capacitors, our capacitors have similar style to the vintage capacitors to give a very authentic tone and look, yet with a high reliability and longevity. This phenolic case potted tinfoil and mylar capacitor yields a uniquely vintage tone perfect for guitar amplifiers and vintage audio amplifiers alike.
Construction: Polyester/Tin Foil
Case: Potted Phenolic Paper
Tolerance: +/-10% typically much closer.
Operating temperature: -55C – 85C, derate 50% at 125C.
Voltage: 600VDC – Tested at 1200VDC(at three stages of production)
*Parts marked 400WVDC for vintage look, all 600VDC
Leads: 20awg Tinned Copper
Application: Guitar Amplifier, Guitar Tone Control, Vintage Audio Amplifier
Made in USA of US made materials.
“I`m getting back to you after the major components upgrade that I made to my Fender Telecaster, including, among other things, a new set of Harmonic Design Super 90 and Super Chrome pickups (P90 in fender shape, so no routing is needed) and 500K CTS pots.
 After trying some caps I finally installed a .02 Red Jupiter. 
 Just wanted to say that now my guitar sounds SUPERB! articulate, warm and well defined, enhancing the fabulous sound of the Harmonic Design. 
 You have some very fine caps there.” 
Roberto D.
Berlin, Germany


VALUE Voltage SIZE – D” x L” Retail Pricing
.001uf 600VDC .3125″ X 1″ $11.25
.002uf 600VDC .3125″ X 1″ $11.25
.003uf 600VDC .3125″ X 1″ $11.25
.005uf 600VDC .3125″ X 1″ $11.25
.01uf 600VDC .3125″ X 1″ $11.50
.02uf 600VDC .375″ X 1.19″ $11.50
.05uf 600VDC .375″ x 1.19″ $12.75
.1uf 200VDC .375″ x 1.19″ $13.25
.1uf 400VDC .5″ X 1.625″ $14.00
.1uf 600VDC .5″ X 1.625″ $14.00
.15uf 600VDC .625″ x 1.875 $16.50
.22uf 600VDC .625″ x 1.875 $19.00
.33uf 600VDC .625″ x 1.875 $21.00
.47uf 600VDC .75″ x 2.562″ $25.00

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in