Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor


Aluminum Foil Mylar – 1960’s Style Build
-Blue Molded and Yellow Astron
-Very Creamy Break-up.
Construction: Polyester/Aluminum Foil/Tape Wrap
Tolerance: +/-10% typically much closer.
Operating temperature: -55C – 85C, derate 50% at 125C.
Voltage: 600VDC – Tested at 1200VDC(at three stages of production)
Leads: 20awg Tinned Copper
RoHS Compliant
Application: Guitar Amplifier, Guitar Tone Control, Vintage Electronics
Made in USA of US made materials.
“I’ve spent a long time looking for new production capacitors that can be used as suitable replacements for those classic blue “molded” caps found in the blackface & early 60s Fender amps.  After EXTENSIVE A/B comparisons, I’ve found that the yellow Jupiter caps come so close it’s scary.  They posess a clarity, musicality, & sweet, round high end that rivals the blue “molded” cap’s tone.  Not to mention a smooth, creamy breakup quality missing from many modern signal capacitors.”
Mike Pascale – Vintage Fender Amp Repair
“I put them in a ’57 Fender Tweed Pro in all coupling positions, and the customer loved them:
 I played the amp at Action today and was very pleased with how it sounded — clear and transparent, great snarl on a bridge pickup, excellent headroom leading to a very musical breakup!”


VALUE Voltage SIZE – D” x L” Retail Pricing
.001uf 600VDC .32 x .66 $5.49
.002uf 600VDC .3 x .75 $5.49
.003uf 600VDC .3 x .75 $5.49
.005uf 600VDC ..32 x .66 $5.49
.01uf 600VDC .32 x 1 $5.95
.02uf 600VDC .34 x 1 $5.95
.05uf 600VDC .357 x 1.25 $6.25
.1uf 600VDC .453 x 1.25 $6.95
.1uf 200VDC .35″ X .65″ $6.95
.22uf 600VDC .5 x 1.75 $9.25
.33uf 600VDC .6″ X 1.65″ $15.00
.47uf 600VDC  .67 x 1.75 $16.88
.68uf 100VDC .56 x 1.45 $6.95