Cotton Insulated 4N5 99.995% Silver Wire


Jupiter wire products are all of high purity metals with natural cotton or silk insulation. Plastic insulation and coatings can have strained or glaring sonic attributes which are unnatural to the ear. Cotton and Silk insulation acts as a fibrous matrix for separating wires while maintaining a predominantly air dielectric, sonically very natural and open. So many of the modern innovations do not translate to better or more natural sound.

“I need to stay calm to explain the results of this project.
The finesse of riveted cymbals, the harmonics of a upright bass, the timbre of the skin of a drum, the sound of a drum sticks (you here the hardwood). The delicate sparks of a clavecin (harpsichord?), the precision and width of the image, the weight of a grosse caisse (bass drum?), the natural timbre of the voices. 
Le naturel de la reproduction sonore.  Bravo Messieurs. 
Super génial!”Michel H., Canada


AWG Retail Price
28AWG 4N5 $2.50/ft
23AWG 4N5 $6.95/ft
22AWG 4N5 $8.95/ft