Arizona Capacitors Blue, Red, & Green Cactus Series

We are now proudly distributing Arizona Capacitors Blue, Green, and Red Cactus Hermetic Oil capacitors.  AZ Cap has a long history of making some of the finest tubular hermetic oil capacitors.

Red Cactus – Paper-Oil-Aluminum Foil

Blue Cactus – Paper-Mylar-Oil-Aluminum Foil

Green Cactus – Paper-Mylar-Oil-Aluminum Foil

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The following values are available now, an expanded range of values will be available in the coming months.

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Arizona Capacitors uses the finest capacitor grade kraft paper and/or polyester,combined with the purest impregnating fluids, this ensures outstanding performance and long life.

Case is an electro-tin plated brass tube with glass to metal compression endseals soft solder to the ends to ensure a complete hermetic seal.

The standard capacitance tolerance is ± 10%, additional tolerances are available.

Less than 1.0% when measured at 120 Hz using a GR 1658 or equivalent.

The product of insulation resistance in megohms and the capacitance in microfarads shall be 6000 megohm-microfarads minimum. However, I.R. need not exceed 18000 megohms.

Rated for 200 to 600 VDC up to 480 V 60 Hz.

OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE -55 to 85°C at full rated voltage

Leads are solid oxygen free copper, coated with 60/40 solder.
Case dia. .175 & .195 lead size 24 awg

Case dia. .235 & .312 lead size 22 awg

Case dia. .400 & up lead size 20 awg

Blue Cactus: C50309

VALUE Voltage SIZE – D” x L” Retail Pricing
.022uf 600VDC $29.95
.047uf 600VDC .562 x 1.188 $31.25
.1uf 600VDC .562 x 1.75 $32.95
.22uf 600VDC .67 x 1.875 $34.50
.33uf 600VDC .750 x 2.25 $35.25
.47uf 600VDC  .750 x 2.375 $36.50

Red Cactus: C85805

VALUE Voltage SIZE – D” x L” Retail Pricing
.1uf 600VDC .562 x 1.750 $32.95
.22uf 600VDC .670 x 1.625 $34.50

Green Cactus: C50313

VALUE Voltage SIZE – D” x L” Retail Pricing
.1uf 600VDC .562 x 1.375 $32.95
.22uf 600VDC .670 x 2.00 $34.50
.33uf 600VDC .750 x 2.25 $35.25
.47uf 600VDC 1 x 2.25 $36.50