8SC – 8″ 25w Vintage American Ceramic Guitar Speaker


“The more I play it, the more I’ll say it.  That little Jupiter Speaker is the best thing that ever happened to my amp (76 Vibro Champ)  Took it right over the top, from an amp I liked to the amp I always wanted.”

Jerry G.



8″ seamed ribbed cone with small ceramic motor, replacement for C8R.

Dimensions: single driver

– OD at frame edge: 8.25″

-Depth rear mount: 3.35″

-Depth front mount: 3.15″

Weight: 2.63 lbs or 1.2 kg

Sensitivity: 94.5dB

Motor/Magnet:  Small Ceramic

Watt: 25W

Available in: 4ohm ,8ohm, or 16ohm.



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 10.5 x 4 in

4ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm