(2 Pack) 10SC – 10″ 25W Vintage American Ceramic Guitar Speaker





Dimensions: Single Driver

– OD at frame edge: 10.25″

-Depth rear mount: 4.00″

-Depth front mount: 3.70″

Weight: 1395 grams

Sensitivity: 96.5 dB

Watt: 25W

Available 4ohm ,8ohm, or 16ohm.

“Popped that 10” into my 1959 Vibrolux last night.  Sounded AMAZING!  Can’t wait for it to break in!  I’ll be trying it out with a Princeton Reverb soon – I have to think it will be just as spectacular there.  I will definitely be recommending these as Jensen replacements in vintage Fenders.  Old JBLs for sweet cleans, Jupiters for that vintage Jensen tone.  EXCELLENT! Just wanted to let you know. “

Mike Pascale – Vintage Fender Amp Repair

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 12 in

4ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm