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Cryo HT Beeswax Paper Capacitors Email

Old Concept New Technology REVIEW

A unique blend of the old sound with refinements of the new. New high temp series replaces the original beeswax/paper design. Jupiter Condenser HT line of capacitors features a reinforced beeswax paper dielectric and ( with further improved impregnation techinques) is now cased in a non drip/melt casing and can withstand higher operating temperatures. Perfect for DIY and OEM use where natural sound is demanded.

Jupiter HT Capacitor 1.0ufJupiter HT Capacitor .47ufJupiter HT Capacitor Collection

Tolerance +/- 5%

Operating Temperature: 70°C

Voltage: 600VDC - Tested at 1200VDC at two stages of production

Aluminum Foil

Silver Lead wire 20awg

Cryogenic Treatment

Made in USA of US materials.

Contact us for wholesale pricing.

Voltage SIZE - D" x L"
Retail Pricing
.001uf 600VDC .250" X .500" $26.99
.01uf 600VDC .320" x .750" $27.50
.022uf 600VDC .437" X .750" $27.55
.047uf 600VDC .562" x .750"
.1uf 600VDC .562" X 1.00" $33.25
.22uf 600VDC .687" X 1.00" $35.99
.47uf 600VDC .812" X 1.312" $42.50
1uf 600VDC

1.062" X 1.562"


*Round 600V 2.2uf - 4.7uf have been replaced by flat-stacked 600V.