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In the mid 1980’s I started to apply my Electronic knowledge, my love of Tube amps, and my affection for Music into a small enterprise of Guitar Amp Repair.

I mostly repaired amps for my guitar playing friends and also had a contract with Sam’s Music to repair their warranty guitar amps.

This keep me pretty busy between my day job of Medical equipment service, but it was the beginning of DR.Z Amps Inc.


Early on I learned a lesson that stuck with to this day. Coupling caps are VERY important to tone of Vintage amps.

Once a friend brought me a 1957 Tweed Bassman Amp, this was his pride and joy, and had a serious hum.

I found a bad final stage coupling cap that fed the left output 6L6, it leaked DC voltage and altered the bias voltage to that tube, this was the source of the hum.

My inexperience at the time lead me to swapping every wonderful Astron coupling in his vintage amp.

I thought if one was bad surely the others weren’t long for this world.

So a hand full of Spraque Orange Drop Polypropylene caps were installed, they looked nice, but it completely wrecked the Tone of that great amp.

When the owner came by to pick it up he almost cried at how I destroyed the sound of his prize amp.

I then soon realized what a rich, thick , musical tone those Banana Yellow Astrons had, and searched for years to find a in production replacement.


I’m happy to say the Vintage Yellow Jupiter Aluminim Foil caps have captured the sound and response of those old Astrons.

They are the best sounding current production caps for use in Guitar amps.

They are featured in my new Therapy Amp, and will be integrated in other older designs of mine.

Great job Chris, I’m so happy you brought some samples by years ago, and I was able to design the perfect amp for their use.


Sincerely ,


AKA  M.D. Zaite

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Milkman Sound

One of my customers dared me to make this amp. Would I really be able to fit reverb and tremolo into a single ended class A 5W amp and make it small enough to fit under an airplane seat? I decided to take the challenge and the results were worth it - this amp is FUN!